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Сообщение skanik » 28 фев 2013, 19:54

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- Preliminary ChinaNet RG200E-CA support (RT-N branch, only for routers with changed CFE)
- StealthMode v0.3 (fixed turn on/off leds on RT-N16, add „leds guardian” to cru) (thx Monter)
- Gives another nice performance boost, for less than 100KB tradeoff after LZMA compression ( thx RMerlin)
- Ntfs-3g release 2013.1.13
- Increase TC_HTB_NUMPRIO to 10 (thx Toastman)
- Improvement in the appearance of the qos-classify ( thx Monter)
- Preliminary FiberHome HG320 ID/support (RT-N branch)
- Preliminary Catchtech CW-5358U ID/support ( RT-N branch)
- Add new miniVPN buildtype for router with 4MB flash
- Dnsmasq: update to 2.66TEST16 ( thx Kevin)
- Make remote HTTPS more secure ( use RSA 2048 key, use router name as CN)
- Miniupnpd: fix SIGUSR2 problem
* fix showing opened ports in GUI
* lanmask has to be present as bits
- Transmission: update to 2.77
- Busybox: revert dhcpc from BB 1.18.4 for now
* Works release/renew
* Remaining Lease Time is showing correct
- TTB: we need unzip tool
- Fix for excessive VPN logging „vpn server already running”
- 3G Modem: fix switch3g script
- Ethernet State: cosmetics changes

А 9 метров (размер AIO) влезет во флеш N16?